St. Augustine Alligator Farm - The Zoo for You!
St. Augustine Alligator Farm - The Zoo for You!

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park - a story more than 100 years in the making.

Spend the day with hundreds of alligators and crocodiles, other exotic creatures from around the world and hundreds of wild coastal birds who are so busy with lives that they barely notice you! Where? The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park – one of the nation’s most exciting, fun and educational zoos.

Every species of crocodilian lives here – the only place in the world with this distinction. This multi-award-winning zoo is Florida’s oldest attraction, yet it always looks brand new. Open daily, it Is the perfect outdoor adventure for the entire family.

Green landscape with lush trees and waterways at the St Augustine Alligator Farm in Florida
Alligator Lagoon


Albino Alligators

It doesn’t take visitors long to realize they are in a special place – one of the first exhibits they encounter features exotic albino alligators. Brought from the bayous of Louisiana, these extremely rare alligators look as though they were carved from white chocolate. Although their unique lack of color makes them popular attractions here, in the wild their white skin makes it easy for predators to find them and provides little protection from the harsh sun.

Birds of Africa

Here, the park’s boardwalk leads to an impressive re-creation of the wide plains of the African savannah – complete with what might be the remains of an unlucky safari. Striding along or lounging in the shade are some of Africa’s most famous winged scavengers. Cape Griffon vultures, hooded vultures and the distinctive, if not bizarre-looking, Marabou storks can be found lurking here. For a touch of color, there are also West African crowned cranes striding across the prairie. The endless searching for a carcass to scavenge that occupied their days in Africa has now been replaced by a daily feeding at 10:30 a.m. – a raucous event not to be missed.

Scarlet Macaw perched on a tree at the St Augustine Alligator Farm in Florida
Scarlet Macaw

Exotic Birds & Mammals

Looking for something different? You’ll find it here. A welcoming macaw provides a greeting to this lush outdoor enclosure where five monkey species (including two endangered) scamper through the sunlit treetops. Patient visitors will eventually spot the diminutive pygmy marmosets. See that flash of color? It’s one of the red-ruffed lemurs who live here.

Florida Native Reptiles

Ok, everyone knows Florida has millions of alligators, but the Sunshine State is also home to a menagerie of other reptiles – some fascinating and some that are downright frightening. Here’s a place where you can get up close to some of these scary reptiles. Don’t miss the eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, copperheads and, of course, the cottonmouths!

Fossil Discoveries

Yes, crocodilians look like dinosaurs – at least how we imagine they appeared. This exhibit of archaeological discoveries shows crocodile similarities through the eons and reveals a major difference – ancient crocs were gigantic!

Gomek Forever

For many years, an awesome crocodile named Gomek was the star of the Alligator Farm Zoological Park. Weighing in at one ton and nearly 18 feet in length, Gomek was brought here from the jungles of New Guinea where he was well-known and feared by local villagers. Gomek passed away peacefully, but his story continues to be told here and his artfully preserved body continues to impress visitors.

Entrance to the Land of the Crocodiles at the St Augustine Alligator Farm in Florida
Land of the Crocodiles

Land of the Crocodiles

A trek along the boardwalk here presents visitors with a truly unique adventure – this is the only place in the world with every species of crocodile in residence. Crocodiles from North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Guinea thrive here in the lush Florida environment. From the toylike pygmy crocs to the bizarre-looking Indian gharial, they’re all here!

Lemurs of Madagascar

Swinging through the treetops and looking at visitors with curiosity, the lemurs are among the most popular creatures in residence here. Their fun-loving frolicking and colorful appearance hide the fact that three of the species here are endangered and facing the possibility of extinction. This is definitely an educational experience for the entire family.


More than 15-feet in length and weighing in at 1,250 pounds, Maximo is a massive crocodile and the largest creature at the park. Hatched in Australia, Maximo and his current home are easily visible through an underwater window that provides an up-close look at this magnificent creature.

Wooden pathway to the Oasis of Nile at the St Augustine Alligator Farm in Florida
Oasis on the Nile

Oasis on the Nile

Journey into ancient Egypt and encounter Nile crocodiles along the fabled river. Hieroglyphics explain Sobek, the crocodile god, and impressive re-creations including a magnificent Ark of the Covenant set the scene for an epic adventure. Careful – the deadly and magnificent Gabon viper also lives here.

Python Cave

Yes, pythons are creatures sometimes found in nightmares and this exhibit is probably not going to change most visitors’ impression of these reptiles. In residence is a huge python capable of crushing and swallowing a large mammal. Of course, some smaller pythons are also here. So, take a walk on the wild side and confront your fears in the python cave.

Realm of the Saltie

Go to the Land Down Under and explore the world inhabited by the saltwater crocodile. Australia is home to some of the most unusual reptiles, mammals and birds in the world and here’s a great place to see impressive examples. Don’t miss the Southern Cassowary – the world’s most dangerous bird.

Sloth at the St Augustine Alligator Farm in Florida
Sloth Landing

Sloth Landing

Yes, they give new meaning to the phrase “hanging around” – sloths spend most of their time upside down in the canopy of the rainforest. Although their movements may be s..l..o..w, their antics are fascinating.

Wading Bird Rookery

Follow an elevated walkway into one of the most colorful coastal bird rookeries in Florida. Each spring, hundreds of egrets, herons, wood storks and spoonbills fly into the zoo to build their nests, lay their eggs and raise their young. The result is a birding paradise perfect for casual visitors and avid photographers. And why are the birds here? They know the hundreds of alligators and crocodiles who live here scare away the snakes, raccoons and opossums who could climb trees and attack their babies. Pretty smart!

Bird Rookery found at the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, FL
Bird Rookery, photo credit: Emma Campanellie

Special Events

Although every day at the zoo is filled with fun and excitement, a variety of special events are worthy of a place on visitors’ calendars, including:

Croctoberfest: Held the first weekend in October, this popular adult event combines conservation education and samples from the area’s best-known breweries.

3K Raptor Run: Held in March, this 3k run/walk is perfect for all age groups and combines exercise and support for a selected conservation effort.

Creatures of the Night:
The perfect way to celebrate Halloween – a nighttime trick-or-treating event featuring encounters with the zoo’s bugs and beasts! Offered on three consecutive nights.

Zoo Night:
Offered to groups throughout the year, this special nocturnal stroll through the zoo is sure to provide encounters that seem quite different than found in the light of day.

Birthday Parties: Want a memorable birthday celebration? The zoo offers an exciting birthday party package perfect for kids ages 3-11.

Annual Photo Contest!

The zoo’s exotic landscapes, fascinating creatures and colorful birds offer endless photo opportunities. An Annual Photo Contest, judged by a professional nature photographer, recognizes the best photos taken at the zoo and provides photographers with an ideal way to showcase their work. Contest rules and entry forms are available on the zoo’s website.

In addition, the zoo and its rookery are one of the key locations featured in the annual, five-day Florida's Birding & Photo Fest. For both professional and amateur photographers, this festival features workshops and outdoor photo sessions taught by some of the world’s most distinguished nature photographers.

Photographers gathered at the Birding & Photo Fest at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm in FL
Photographers during Birding & Photo Fest

Crocodile Crossing

Have you ever dreamed of swinging through the jungle while hundreds of alligators and crocodiles gaze up hungrily from just beyond your toes? Of course, who hasn’t? Now you can live that dream at the zoo’s thrilling Crocodile Crossing zipline. Choose from two courses – one for beginners and one for the most experienced crocodile teasers. Each takes participants on an exciting and challenging zip over the zoo’s seven acres at a maximum height of 35 feet. The Sepik River course takes 45 minutes and features 9 zip lines; the Nile River course is a 90-minute adventure with 17 zip lines. Reservations required for Crossing Crossing.

Crocodile Crossing Zipline Obstacle Course St. Augustine, FL