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Crescent Beach

Surprises await in Crescent Beach Florida.

This crescent-shaped shoreline surrounds beachgoers with a beautiful stretch of quiet and a family-friendly shoreline.

With its sweeping coastline carving out a huge “C” where it meets the Atlantic Ocean (the crescent shape, of course, giving the area its name), Crescent Beach is tucked between the traditional tourist attractions of St. Augustine and Matanzas Inlet to the south. But for visiting beachgoers, Crescent Beach is slightly off the proverbial beaten path.

Why Locals Love Crescent Beach

Locals love Crescent Beach because it is wide, has convenient parking, and isn't as congested as many beaches tend to be. Because it is in the southern end of Florida’s Historic Coast, it maintains an “old Florida” vibe as a quieter beach with white sand and located in a mostly residential area. The few restaurants and taverns seem to pop out of the horizon at Cubbedge Road intersecting with Florida State Road A1A. The uninitiated could easily drive through Crescent Beach without knowing it. It’s absolutely a “family-friendly” beach.


The center of Crescent Beach is the beachfront park with picnic gazebos, dune crossovers, restrooms, and convenient parking. Several incredible shops and restaurants also exist in the area.

The main public beach access runs to the ocean and, in a throwback to Florida’s age gone by, there is vehicle-driving permitted on the beach (although there are fees and passes required between March 1 and September 30).

Where to Stay

There are a few hotels and rental residences in the area. But for visitors looking to spend the night, Beacher’s Lodge Oceanfront Suites is a favorite. Beacher’s is not your typical lodging - it’s a collection of condominiums and about 80 of the units are run by the property management firm. All have amazing views!

Not everyone is into the neon, high rises and big crowds seen at beaches such as Daytona Beach. Many simply want the quiet dunes and sea oats that filter the onshore winds gusting onto the coast at Crescent Beach. Over the years, Crescent Beach has been a regional draw from cities such as Gainesville. It also attracts return guests from Georgia and even Tennessee.

Dining on Crescent Beach

At Safe Harbor Seafood, enjoy barefoot, beachy vibe while dining indoors or in their outdoor courtyard with wooden tables and umbrellas to provide some shade from the Florida sun. Enjoy the freshest seafood accompanied with delicious sides.

Crescent Beach Bar & Grille offers juicy burgers, fresh-caught fish sandwiches, and more!

When you stay in Crescent Beach your vacation will combine the quiet crescent-shaped white sand beaches, great local restaurants, Old Florida ambiance, and family-friendly accommodations.