LOCATION: Sykes Family Farms

2023 Flower & Garden Expo

Flower Garden Expo
  • 5995 Brough Rd
  • Elkton, FL 32033
  • Contact: Stephanie Sprague
  • Phone: 904-829-2273 X 8006
  • Admission: $5
March 25, 2023 to March 26, 2023

A popular event in NE Florida, the Flower and Garden Expo will delight gardeners of all ages with growers, nurseries and artisans from around the state offering shoppers every item to make your garden all it can be! Every year, this show features a variety of vendors bringing a wide array of horticulture including olive trees, aquatic plants, herbs, ferns, succulents, citrus, colorful flowering plants, butterfly plants, native plants and more plus gardening accessories and art. There is a $5 admission fee per person, which is valid for both days of the Expo (Children are admitted for free)!

Event is Saturday, March 25th 9 AM to 5 PM, and Sunday, March 26th 10 AM to 3 PM at Sykes Family Farms, 5995 Brough Rd., Elkton www.epicbh.org/flower-garden-expo/