Line & Dine on Florida's Historic Coast

Thanks to a favorable, year-round climate, it’s always fishing season on Florida's Historic Coast.

October 25, 2021
fishing charter boats in St. Augustine

Fishing in St. Augustine

The St. Augustine area offers some of the most exciting fishing in Florida. Visitors and locals take advantage of the year-round fishing from the shoreline, the piers along our waterways, one’s own boat, or aboard one of the many fishing charters available. Whichever way you choose to get out on the water to fish, keep in mind the most unique and rewarding way to experience fishing and dining is to enjoy a meal prepared by local chefs with the fish you caught!

Why Choose Line & Dine?

Completing the fishing experience at a restaurant with a line and dine or catch and cook meal gives anglers a way to taste the freshest fish in town prepared by culinary professionals. Many of the area’s local restaurants specialize in locally caught fish, so when you bring them your catch, they know exactly what to do. The experience merges eating out at a great local restaurant with the most important ingredient to your meal – your fresh catch. Many anglers remember this experience just as much as their fishing trip. You will have a sense of pride knowing the fish you are eating came out of the water that day and was handled with care before making it to the pan or grill then on to your plate.

man holding fish

Line & Dine Options

Typically, you will have the choice of how you would like your meal prepared. Fried, grilled, or blackened are the most common choices, but other methods like fish picatta is very tasty too. Fried is a safe way to go with almost any fish. Most people enjoy fresh fried fish, but frying can take away from the flavorful depths other methods offer.

For delicate fish, like Sea Bass or Vermillion Snapper, a pan sauté can expose the flakey, soft texture and powerful sweetness in these filets. Grilling filets is more suitable for thicker cuts like Grouper, Mahi-Mahi, and Wahoo as they hold together well. Many inshore species like Redfish and Black Drum are great candidates for blackening because of their size and flavor.

Lastly, much like chicken piccata, fish picatta has strong butter and lemon flavors that pair perfectly with any kind of fish. Whichever way you choose to have your catch cooked you will absolutely recognize the difference that the freshest fish has to offer.

Line & Dine Restaurants in St. Augustine

Enjoying St. Augustine’s thriving restaurant scene, your options of places to go is unlimited. Some of the local favorites for the catch and cook experience are:

It is always recommended to call ahead to make sure they can provide the experience that day.

Whether you catch fish while in town or not, you should not miss out on local seafood. If you are fortunate enough to take some fish home with you, the ocean-to-table, catch and cook, or line and dine experience will be one of your most memorable experiences here.