Heritage Inspired Flavors
Heritage Inspired Flavors

The Chefs of Florida's Historic Coast

Chefs on Florida’s Historic Coast continue to make history with signature dishes featuring local favorites and heritage-inspired flavors.

It’s no surprise that Florida’s Historic Coast has become a “must” destination for foodies. After all, the area is a true melting pot of international cultures and cuisines that date back to its founding in 1565. That’s a lot of culinary history. And with the vast ocean in its front yard and rich farmland in its backyard, local chefs have had the distinct advantage of creating meals with the freshest seafood and farm-to-table produce anywhere.

And it’s not just restaurants offering diners a unique culinary experience. Today’s food scene encompasses a wide range of open-air options that include food trucks, communal outdoor asado grills, pop-ups and a variety of stunning waterfront views to enhance the diner’s experience. From elegant resorts in Ponte Vedra Beach, to Old World bistros and eclectic cafes on Aviles Street and craft cocktails as innovative as their dishes, the chefs of Florida’s Historic Coast have found their own way to express their creativity and skill. All of this is to the delight of diners lucky enough to snag a seat at the table.

Award-winning chefs and great cuisine, paired with a wide variety of lodging options make a visit to Florida’s Historic Coast a foodie heaven.