It’s BBQ Season!

Of course, every season is BBQ season on Florida’s Historic Coast.

March 17, 2021
a glaze brush rubbing over glazed BBQ ribs on the grill

There’s no need to wait for warm weather. On Florida’s Historic Coast, the pits are smoking year-round. That means you’re never too far from a rack of baby backs, a brisket sandwich or some hot, spicy chicken wings. We’ve got a few suggestions if you’re hankering for some smoking good eats.

1. Smokin' D's BBQ

Let’s start with a spot that’s as authentic as it gets. Smokin’ D’s is a local St. Augustine favorite for a reason. Quite simply, they wake up early every morning to smoke their brisket and sell out before end of day. They “never sell yesterday’s meat,” so you’re always assured of getting the freshest smoked brisket, ribs and wings. You can eat outside at their rustic tables or take it to go for a picnic on the beach or a state park. Either way, be sure to get extra napkins. You’ll use them.

2. Smoked Southern BBQ

On the other end of town, at the Fountain of Youth entrance, there’s a little cabin just oozing with flavorful aromas. Follow your nose to Smoked Southern BBQ and get ready for some savory smoked fare. The chef-owner is committed to farm-to-table sustainability, so all of the food is locally sourced. You won’t find a better spot to enjoy some wings and ribs with a cold brew and a chance to see some local peacocks strutting their stuff.

3. Valley Smoke BBQ

If you like your barbecue with a view, head up north to Ponte Vedra Beach for some of the finest around. At Valley Smoke BBQ, the view of the Intracoastal Waterway is as sensational as the food. You may even get distracted by the Bourbon Library as you enter, and that’s ok. Have a nice glass of wine as you sit outside and bask in the warmth of the setting sun. Try the oak smoked burrata and the St. Louis smoked ribs. Somehow, the view makes everything taste divine.

4. Memphis JAX BBQ

If Memphis style BBQ is more to your taste, you’re in luck. Head over to Memphis JAX BBQ for your next favorite dry-rub baby back ribs, BBQ nachos and pulled pork. You’ll think you’re in Tennessee, but you’re in Ponte Vedra.

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