LOCATION: Hastings

St. Johns Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve

St. Johns Botanical Garden & Nature Preserve
  • 8310 County Road 13 South
  • Hastings, Florida 32145
  • Local Phone: 904-373-6008

The St. Johns Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve is more than just a pretty place to visit! Educational opportunities abound here. Guided tours and programs will be available by contacting us several weeks in advance. Educators are welcome to plan with us about bringing their classes here on field trips, as well. Special classes on plant identification, xeriscaping, landscaping, native plants, water conservation, cold protection techniques, fertilizing (or not), planting, transplanting, potting, watching for invasiveness of a plant, and others will be available. We will also have WILD WONDERS presenting animal shows here on a monthly basis, usually on a weekend.