LOCATION: St. Augustine

After Dark Investigations

After Dark Investigations
  • 1808 Norseman Ct
  • Middleburg, Florida 32068
  • Local Phone: 717-451-1070

Are you tired of the touristy walk & talk ghost tours, and being just one of the crowd? Come out and see what St. Augustine is really like after dark. REAL investigations. No exaggerated storytelling. We host small, intimate investigations where YOU get to use all of the paranormal equipment you see on TV, including K2 Meter / EMF Detectors, Ovilus ,SLS Camera, Spirit Box, EVP Voice Recorders, Phasmabox, Dowsing Rods, Temperature Gauges, Infrared Video Cameras, Laser Grids and lots more! No waiting in lines. No large groups. Discover the most haunted locations in St. Augustine. Talk to the dead, safely and respectfully. We will help you connect with your deceased loved ones. Learn the techniques of your favorite TV ghost hunters. Experience a night you will never forget!