Ghost Tours and Paranormal Investigations | St. Augustine Florida

Teeming with notorious haunts and ghosts galore, the oldest city in America has a darker side begging to be explored.

October 6, 2020
Spend Halloween in St. Augustine, the nation's oldest city

Walk St. Augustine’s hallowed streets, investigate unexplained phenomena and hear chilling tales from beyond as you decide what’s true or merely a legend.

Will you become a believer?

Either way, you’ll learn interesting facts about the Ancient City’s tumultuous past while having a frightfully fun time.

Ghost Tours

With a ghost as your host, hear tales of murder and mystery aboard the “Trolley of the Doomed” on Ghosts & Gravestones’ Frightseeing tour. Or take the new Old St. Johns County Jail Haunting Experience, where you’ll hear countless hair-raising stories of supernatural occurrences that have been reported here, including cold spots, strange odors, unexplained banging noises, wailing and laughter, barking dogs, orbs of light and, yes, even an apparition or two.

Come out while St. Augustine sleeps and see what spirits lurk in the darkness with After Dark Investigations' Devil's Hour Tour. This late night tour offers the BEST time of night to get great evidence - the streets are empty and the spirits are awake! All paranormal equipment included.

After nightfall, embark on a lantern-lit stroll through the back alleys of the city with Ghost Tours of St. Augustine. Keep your senses alert for swooping lights, shadows and any other unexplained presence and learn the gruesome history of the city's lesser-known dark side.

Join A Ghostly Encounter! “ghost hosts” that know St. Augustine history and are skilled story tellers! Listen to tales while visiting two cemeteries, the City Gate, the grounds of the old Fort and stops along the way...

If you dare, join GhoST Augustine's Dead Walk Tour, where you'll enter a haunted building, track ghosts with K2 EMF (electromagnetic field) meters and hear stories in parts of town that others avoid after dark.

The Odd Macabre offers opportunities for paranormal investigations with their A Night Among Ghosts tour (ages 16+); their Madness and Malice True Crime tour (Ages 18+) which provides insight into some of St. Augustine’s most chilling crimes, as well as family fun ghost walks appropriate for all ages!

Paranormal “Activities”

Conduct your own paranormal investigation of the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum on the guided Dark of the Moon Tour, featured on TAPS/Ghost Hunters, CNN, Parade Magazine and The Weather Channel. Investigate this historic landmark, which is supposedly haunted by two girls who drowned there in the 1870s. Learn the true history behind the 1880 Keeper’s House, including the paranormal experiences of previous staff and guests. Then ascend the 219 steps of our lighthouse tower for a nighttime view of the Nation’s Oldest City.

Explore Ripley’s Haunted Castle Investigation. Previously known as Castle Warden and scene to unsolved murders and unexplained paranormal phenomena, this 60-minute tour of the most haunted place on the Southeastern Seaboard is an investigation with Team R.I.P. (Ripley’s Investigators of the Paranormal) the masters of the strange, unusual, and bizarre. Participants explore what’s really going on when the museum’s daily guests are gone, the sun has set, and the dead reveal themselves.

Discover the mystery behind St. Augustine; you will leave entranced.