Beautiful Setting, Adventure and Thrills Create Team Building Success

Ongoing changes and challenges in the world of business have accentuated the need for successful team building.

September 13, 2021
Crocodile Crossing Zipline Obstacle Course St. Augustine, FL

For many businesses, the annual company picnic or holiday gathering are no longer sufficient to convey the essential leadership message of “we’re all in this together and focused on our collective success.” As a result, well-designed, results-oriented and memorable team building activities outside the office have become a priority. And when it comes to providing the setting for successful team building, St. Augustine is ideal.

The Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only organization consisting of senior-level executives in the business coaching industry, recently published their 14 Hallmarks of Successful Business Team Building Activities on When it comes to the “Outdoor Setting” and “Adrenaline” hallmarks, St. Augustine has them covered – and then some.

As the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine’s outdoor setting never fails to convey the endurance of its people, who have faced challenge after challenge for more than 450 years. The Old World architecture and ancient streets not only provide a unique and memorable setting, they also offer hands-on evidence of how working together has allowed the town’s residents to thrive for centuries in the face of hurricanes, wars, plagues and economic downturns.

Plus, it’s a fun place in the sun where palm trees and beautiful beaches replace common distractions like traffic snarls and urban sprawl. But there's no lack of adventure and excitement in the nation's oldest city... St. Augustine has plenty of opportunities for adrenaline, too. Read on!

Sailboat racing in St. Augustine
Conduct your team-building activity on a sailboat!
Physically and psychologically, the moment your team casts off from the dock or treks into the jungle, there is a sense that we are together now and adventure awaits!

St. Augustine’s team-building opportunities are centered on sailing aboard both large and small craft – and an unforgettable set of challenges among the alligators. Here are 5 different team-building opportunities in and around St. Augustine.

1. St. Augustine Sailing

Participate in a unique bonding experience aboard a luxury sailing yacht through St. Augustine Sailing. Onboard team building activities provide opportunities for participants to improve communication skills, enhance problem-solving abilities and to experience “in-command” decision making as the helmsperson. Participants cycle through various crew positions where they work together to perform impressive sailing maneuvers.

Plus, the scenery is spectacular! Additional boats can be provided for larger groups with the ultimate goal of creating a corporate regatta. Past clients include the University of Florida’s Heavener School of Business, Wounded Warriors and the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind.

2. The Schooner Freedom

One of St. Augustine’s most distinctive sailing ships, the Schooner Freedom is the only charter schooner operating between Charleston and the Florida Keys. Seventy-six feet in length, the Freedom is an authentic tribute to naval history and the blockade runners of the 19th century. The perfect setting for team-building activities, the Freedom is available for daytime sailing, as well as sunset and moonlit cruises that offer impressive, memorable backdrops for team building.

3. Sabrage

Need an inspirational setting for a large team-building activity (up to 110 participants)? Sabrage, a 63-foot power catamaran is the perfect platform for creative minds. With 1500 square feet of floor space, a high-end bar, comfortable seating that can be adopted to any layout and beautiful features throughout, Sabrage provides an upscale setting available for day or night team building in the waters surrounding the nation's Oldest City.

4. Black Raven Pirate Ship

Despite their portrayal in movies, pirates were the ultimate seagoing team builders and strategists. Their business acumen and ability to achieve great things with limited resources are legendary. Today, the crew of the Black Raven Pirate Ship shares their team building expertise in a three-hour cruise that addresses the specific needs of their guests.

Designed for groups of 35 to 75 participants, the experience features exercises addressing collaboration, problem-solving, strategic thinking, leadership development, communications and more. Led by an experienced corporate management professional, this is a unique team building experience presented aboard an unforgettable pirate ship.

aligator mouth open at st augustine alligator farm
Want this guy on your team?

5. St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park

No search for team building opportunities in St. Augustine would be complete with considering the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park. Not only is it the only place in the world with every species of crocodilian in residence, this multi-award-winning zoo also offers a unique day-long team building retreat filled with invigorating, confidence-building activities.

Conducted by zoo staff, the jungle expedition challenges participants with:

  • a rock-climbing wall
  • an extensive zip line passing over hundreds of alligators (yikes!)
  • a python free fall challenge
  • a chance to escape from a giant spider web
  • lake crossings
  • log challenges

All of these challenges are designed to create bonds and build trust among participants!

Need a place to stay during your team-building trip in St. Augustine? From charming historic hotels to vacation properties and luxury resorts, we've got you covered. Check out our lodging page.