2TravelDads Find Their Home in St. Augustine

Hello from Butler Beach! We're Rob and Chris Taylor, 2TravelDads. We moved here to St. Augustine early in 2020 after many trips over the years. It was after our autumn trip in 2019 that we knew that our family belonged on Florida's Historic Coast.

October 1, 2020
people walking along butler beach

Our first visit was in 2015 and it was just for the day; this was actually the first time ANY of us has stepped foot in Florida and wow, what a great first impression. Each year following, we made time to either spend a weekend driving down from Atlanta or to spend a week being fully immersed in the history and relaxing nature of the area.

As we started to research relocating to St. Augustine, we found more and more opportunities for educating our kids in the outdoors, for getting ahead on our life goals financially, and for being an active part in conservation and preservation efforts locally. Every day we learn new things about our city, including its important role in the Civil Rights movement. Even right here in our neighborhood the Accord Freedom Trail gives us a history lesson each time we walk to the beach.

Truly, beyond falling in love with the Ancient City for its food and storied past, we've fallen in love with the community and incredible nature that surrounds us daily. With Florida’s natural springs just a short drive away, we discover new, magical sights each weekend. Every stroll through downtown brings us to another doorway that must be photographed.

And each person we meet shares this same love of St. Augustine. City pride is alive and well, and is what makes visiting and living here such a special life experience.

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