St. Augustine History

St. Augustine History

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Statue of Ponce de LeonOutside Castillo de San Marcos
Red Couch Chronicles: Fountain of What?

Red Couch Chronicles: Fountain of What?

Inspired by stories of timeless romance, a wife's flirtations have little effect on her husband --a brochure reader! The Fountain of Youth might provide just the elixir needed to fuel the flames of passion. Maybe not. But the prospect of romance is always here on Florida's Historic Coast where our history is not the same old story.

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Nicknamed the “Old City” or “Ancient City,” St. Augustine is a mosaic of historic people, places and events. The oldest European settlement in the U.S., St. Augustine was discovered in 1565 – 42 years before the Jamestown colony in Virginia and 55 years before the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts. Its name comes from the day it was discovered, August 28, the feast of St. Augustine.
As a child, I was ever-intrigued by the whisper of ghostly secrets from our upstairs attic and shout of adventure from a realm of field and forest I regarded as my backyard. The simplicity of childhood has changed since those days and as parents we tend to shield our kids from the unknown. There is a place, however, where I can take my son and feel safe in the knowledge that he shares a slice of discovery cut from the fabric of my own childhood curiosity.
The city's brick-lined streets, horse carriages, forts and grand hotels have charmed me at every stage of my life. My first visit at 14 was on a family vacation. I returned seven years later for a weekend with my best friend. Recently, on a romantic week with my husband, I discovered yet another side of the oldest city in the America.
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