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Books and Authors of Old St. Augustine

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Uncle Sam’s (Local Author Jay Humphreys)

Award-winning author Jay Humphreys takes readers to April 1942 where the ancient streets of historic St. Augustine glisten in the warm Florida sun. For the residents of America's oldest city, the ravages of a world war seem far away. Comfortable in their tidy, historic community, increasing tourism seems more important than fighting fascism. But for the town's black residents, the war has brought their unequal status into sharp contrast -- especially when it comes to Uncle Sam's, where flag-waving patriotism, big band music and cold beer are blended nightly to conceal a horrible secret!

Impressively researched, this novel mixes U-boats, the FBI, racial strife, patriots, scoundrels and even Cab Calloway into an unforgettable story of courage and sacrifice at a time when America was at its most innocent and vulnerable. "Uncle Sam's" is the winner of a Florida Publishers Association's "President's Award" for outstanding adult fiction."

Daring Daughters (Local Author Karen Harvey)

Daring Daughters brings to life the timeless stories of women who over the centuries have faced adversity with courage, character, and often humor. The women presented in Daring Daughters found a way to live their lives as they desired. Some overcame obstacles, some created their own roadblocks while seek a dream. Whether their historic contributions were by default or intent, they left their mark. They were survivors.

Maria (Local Author Eugenia Price)

The spirited story of Mary Evans, an extraordinary woman from colonial Charles Town who finds a place for herself in St. Augustine after Spain relinquishes Florida.

In this captivating tale, Eugenia Price paints a vivid picture of the tumultuous historic and political events that shaped the life of Mary Evans, a remarkably independent woman in the colonial south. Born in Charles Town, South Carolina, Mary, a skilled midwife, accompanied her first husband, British soldier David Fenwick, when his regiment fought the Spanish in Cuba. When Spain agreed to give all of Florida in exchange for the city of Havana, Mary (who became known as Maria) and her husband were forced to relocate to the newly British garrison town of St. Augustine, Florida.

Maria exposes challenges that would unnerve a less resourceful woman, but she made a name for herself—developing and enhancing her position with influential citizens of St. Augustine. Eventually marrying three times, Maria proved herself to be an extraordinary woman, for any day or time.

Bloody Sunset (Local Authors Nancy Powell and Jim Mast)

This book is a true story of a ghastly murder in the nation's oldest city in January of 1974. The victim was a former New York City model who in earlier years moved in the highest social circles, which included the Kennedy family of Massachusetts. The murder investigation and subsequent trial involved many people from the highest echelons of St. Augustine and St. Johns County. The characters in Bloody Sunset are revealed exactly as they were and have not been embellished in any way. The victims were eccentrics in an eccentric city and readers will find them interesting, if not intriguing. The murder of Athalia Lindsley has become a legend in St. Augustine. For months after the slaughter tour operators would direct sightseers to the crime scene. The house where the killing occurred is pictured in a book featuring St. Augustine's historic houses. This book explains the events that made the structure a "Historic House".

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