Black History

St. Augustine proves why the African American story is one of our nation’s greatest strengths.

Tour of Fort Mose Established in 1738, this was the first free black settlement in the United States. Slaves from the British colonies up north followed the original “Underground Railroad,” which headed not to the north, but south, to the Spanish colony of Florida and Fort Mose. The settlement of Garcia Real de Santa Theresa de Mose, also referred to as Mose, was inhabited by former slaves, many of West African origin, who escaped from Georgia and the Carolinas between 1738 and 1763.

Take a self-guided Black History Walking Tour of St. Augustine to learn about Historic Civil Rights and Black Heritage. The ACCORD Freedom Trail Project consists of 31 historic markers located at various sites significant to the St. Augustine Civil rights movement. A cell phone audio tour is available by calling 904-335-3002.

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