Florida’s Historic Coast is a haven for hunters seeking wild game.

Ponte Vedra and St. Augustine offer a diverse choice of hunting terrain. With many tributaries leading to the Atlantic Ocean, the area is primed with healthy habitats that foster an active wild game selection.

Duck & Waterfowl Hunting

Ducks are in rich supply in St. Johns County on the Guana River in the northern areas and on the Matanzas River in the southern reaches of the county. There are also multiple lakes and wetlands far from the ocean, where ducks and waterfowl are abundant.

Turkey & Deer Hunting

Wild turkeys, dove, and quail are plentiful on land throughout the more heavily wooded areas of the county. You will also find deer in the wooded inland environs, especially west of Interstate 95.

Wild Boar & Alligator Hunting

For the really adventurous, wild boar hunting can provide a unique experience. And then there’s alligator hunting: it’s legal but it’s highly regulated as are all forms of hunting.

Hunting Seasons & Regulations

St. Johns County has legal seasons and licensing fees and stipulations, depending on the game that you seek. The St. Johns County Tax Collector’s Office in conjunction with the Florida and Wildlife Conservation Commission handles licensing and regulations.


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