Discover “Culture Around Every Corner” on Florida’s Historic Coast

St. Augustine, Fla. -- St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra and its beaches offer exceptional opportunities to explore art, culture and heritage - all centered on the diverse groups of people who have lived here for nearly 450 years.

October 15, 2017
image, Discover “Culture Around Every Corner” on Florida’s Historic Coast

In the St. Augustine Historic District, visitors will discover five centuries of architecture and history, with eclectic art galleries, music concerts, opera, theater, dance and celebrations year-round. Nearby, upscale Ponte Vedra Beach is home to the PGA TOUR headquarters and its regal history, as well as the unique Ponte Vedra Concert Hall. St. Augustine’s coastline offers a laidback vibe, unspoiled beaches and fresh seafood, all with a colorful artistic flair.

Visual Arts

From modern galleries to exclusive exhibits to the design of historic cathedrals, the visual arts offer an endless feast for the eyes – and the imagination. The area’s arts scene dates back to the 19th century, when New England artists and wealthy tourists visited and made their homes in St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra. The city of St. Augustine became a haven for creative sun-seekers, and the spirit of expressive freedom and arts appreciation continues today.

Performing Arts

Professional theater, classical concerts and a state-of-the-art performance venue are all within reach. No matter which event you attend, or where you experience it, you’ll enjoy the intimate setting and vibrant performance that the arts community is known for. The Ponte Vedra Concert Hall provides the perfect intimate setting for performing artists while the St. Augustine Amphitheatre has been recognized as one of the top ten amphitheaters in the world! Lewis Auditorium at Flagler College, the Colonial Oak Music Park and Limelight Theatre provide unique stages enjoyed performers and audiences.

Literary Arts

Florida has long been a haven for authors, poets and writers, and Florida’s Historic Coast is no exception. Literary events, book festivals, readings, workshops and more honor the history of the written word, and you’re invited to explore them all.


From photography and arts and crafts to seafood and sunsets, there’s a specific festival for whatever you love about St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra and its beaches. Many festivals and celebrations showcase musical talent, from rock-n-roll to blues, and classical to jazz.

Living History

Do more than see history - live it. Re-enactments, celebrations and interactive activities put you right in the middle of centuries of history. Dedicated historians and re-enactors give you a glimpse of life from every era of the coast’s colorful past.

Many Cultures

Timucuan. Spanish. French. British. African. Irish, Minorcan. Florida’s Historic Coast has been home to an especially diverse array of peoples - and they’ve all left their mark here. You can experience the story of St. Augustine’s cultures through architecture, food, music, art, archaeology and more.

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Located midway between Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, Florida’s Historic Coast includes historic St. Augustine, the outstanding golf and seaside elegance of Ponte Vedra and 42 miles of pristine Atlantic beaches. For more information on events, activities, holiday getaways, accommodations and to plan your vacation in St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches, go to the Visitors and Convention Bureau website at, become a fan on Facebook or call 1.800.653.2489.