The Plaza de la Constitucion

Welcome to the heart of the ancient city.

November 4, 2020
The Plaza de la Constitucion

The Plaza de la Constitucion is the oldest public space in America. Laid out by Spanish Royal Ordinances in 1573, it has been, and still remains, a social gathering place and venue for special events in the center of St. Augustine’s Historic District. The Plaza was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1970 and is home to several monuments and landmarks:

Did you know? The Plaza de la Constitucion is the oldest public space in America dating back to 1573.

The Constitution Monument

The Constitution Monument is an obelisk constructed in 1813 in celebration of the newly formed government in Spain. As the capital of the Spanish colony of Florida, St. Augustine was decreed by Spain to build it. Today, it is believed to be the only surviving monument of its kind.

The Public Market Place

The Public Market Place was originally built in 1598. It was rebuilt in 1824 and used as a market for the sale of meats and produce. It was here where a standard of weights and measures was first introduced in the country. The market place was rebuilt in 1888 following a fire in 1887.

Foot Soldiers Monument, part of Black History in America's Oldest City.

The St. Augustine Foot Soldiers Monument

This bronze sculpture bears the faces of men and women and honors those who protested peacefully during the Civil Rights movement in St. Augustine. In the Plaza, visitors can also walk in Rev. Andrew Young’s footsteps, memorialized in bronze along the path he marched for civil rights in the 60’s.

Throughout the year, Concerts in the Plaza are held on Thursday evenings from May through August at the Gazebo. From November through January, the Plaza is the sparkling jewel in the Nights of Lights crown as millions of tiny white lights illuminate the tree branches and the town’s buildings from the ground to the rooftops.