Awesome Coffee is a Year-Round Commodity in St. Augustine

Whether you crave a classic cup of joe or a fancy latte, you can get your caffeine fix throughout St. Augustine. Fortunately for you, we’ve buzzed around town in search of the best shops and compiled this list.

December 1, 2019

The sources of local coffee can be diverse: Kenya, Colombia and other places contribute to the array of beans that can be found at various coffee shops. Here, we take a look at the diversity of shops found in St. Augustine and tell you where to find your favorite brew.

City Perks

Located near the City Gates, City Perks is tiny, with plenty of shaded outdoor seating. It’s located on St. George Street, making it ideal for people watching, and offers an array of beverage options, including organic tea, craft beer, wine and Cuban coffee. For those who are unfamiliar, Cuban coffee is the espresso equivalent of sweet tea. And if all the caffeine wasn’t enough, it gives you an added sugar rush within seconds.

Crucial Coffee Café

On the corner of Cuna and Charlotte Streets sits a picturesque cabin home to Crucial Coffee Café. In addition to standard coffee, Crucial offers ice cream and New York ice. The café itself is small (a prevailing theme among downtown establishments), but the gorgeous patio and garden has plenty of seating.


Kookaburra is practically a place of worship for coffee lovers. Service is quick and with a smile, making this the optimum joint for a grab-and-go coffee fix downtown. If you hadn’t already figured it out, Kookaburra has Australian roots. The Aussie coffee is superb, as are their other specialty drinks.

Farmhand Kchn and Coffee

Serving daily fresh breakfast and lunch (including gluten-free and vegan options), Farmhand Kchn is a great place to spend time and actually enjoy getting work done. This shop on U.S. 1 offers free unlimited WiFi and is just as suitable for meetings or group projects as it is for solitary production. The open space also lends itself to a variety of events held at the coffee shop.


We can’t be sure as to how DOS got its name, but it could have something to do with its duality. Okay, we’re pretty sure it’s because they serve coffee and wine, but when delving a bit deeper, DOS is as good of a place to be productive as it is to play. They’re open every day, so you can hang out late on Saturday nights and catch live local music. Plenty of natural lighting make this place comfortable for getting work done, as well as for appreciating the local art on display.

Growers Alliance Café

Growers Alliance started small—as a group of friendly people who made a madly delicious Kenyan iced coffee at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. Now that group has its own cafe and shop in Davis Shores on Anastasia Island. Not only is the quality of the coffee amazing, the business is all about selling coffee in a way that benefits the producers and their communities. And when they’re giving us coffee this good, why wouldn’t we help them?!

And if you’re going out to play, shop or see the sights, St. Augustine has a variety of things to do and places to go. The Lightner Museum is best enjoyed fully caffeinated. How else can you hope to take in a giant collection of artifacts? From there, zip across the street to Historic Tours of Flagler College. The Legacy Tours are the only way for outsiders to see the legendary Dining Hall and its Tiffany stained-glass windows. Cap it all off by heading down Riberia Street for a free tour of St. Augustine Distillery Company. After you learn all about how craft vodka, gin, rum and bourbon are made locally, it’s time for a change in beverages. Head upstairs to the Ice Plant Bar & Restaurant and check out their specialty cocktail, called a “Zombie.”

If all this doesn’t help you put a pep in your step again, it’ll make dozing off to dreamland a much more attainable end to your evening.

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