Unusual Finds and Treasures abound at 10th Annual Super Scenic 72-Mile Garage Sale

From vintage clothing and estate jewelry to classic cars and everyday household items, the 10th Annual Super Scenic 72-Mile Garage Sale will be held on Saturday, November 17 along Florida’s iconic Highway A1A. Planning a visit to St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra or another stop along Florida’s Historic Coast in the coming months? The Super Scenic Garage Sale has everything you could ask for out of your next vacation: adventure, exploration and a little retail therapy.
Starting in Ponte Vedra and ending in Flagler Beach, this shopping extravaganza will feature ten community sites and over one hundred other stops with bargains galore.
“You’ll find the most unusual stuff,” explains Danielle Anderson, Executive Director of Friends of A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway and the organizer of the garage sale. “People will drive minivans up and down the coast and halfway through, they’ve crammed it full of items with nowhere else to put anything. Yet, they still head to the next stop. It’s such a cool event.”
A fundraiser for Friends of A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway, a nonprofit organization with a mission to preserve, protect, promote and enhance the resources of the 72-mile A1A corridor through Northeast Florida’s coastal counties of Flagler and St. Johns, the garage sale is made possible largely in part by community volunteers and business sponsors.
“We invite businesses to participate by donating $20 to our organization in exchange for a branded sign and listing on our sitemap,” says Anderson. “The businesses are generally between the larger, community sites. Whether it’s a thrift shop, craft store or ice cream shop, they offer a small discount to attendees and it is really good exposure for their business.”
With a diverse array of community locations, shoppers will have a range of eclectic goods to choose from. Some of the top sites for this year’s garage sale include Ponte Vedra Concert Hall in Ponte Vedra, North Shores Community Center in Vilano Beach, Camachee Cove in St. Augustine, Watson Realty in St. Augustine Beach, Island Ice Cream Café Shopping Plaza in Crescent Beach and Veterans Park in Flagler Beach.
“All of the areas and municipalities are so different from each other,” Anderson says. “This event really showcases the uniqueness of each town and gives people the chance to explore somewhere new. It’s a cool way to draw new people into your community. We even get people who come from Georgia and Alabama coming down to visit.”
Aside from community sites, business sponsors and individual residences taking part, the Super Scenic 72-Mile Garage Sale will also feature its popular Super Scenic Raffle with prizes valued up to $1,000 and, in some cases, even more.
“We only sell 200 tickets at $100 a piece and aside from great prizes like golf packages, resort stays and upscale spa services, we also raffle off something called a Share-Share,” explains Anderson. “We take 50 percent of whatever money comes in and split it among the top five prizes. People win thousands of dollars and it’s a huge fundraiser for our organization.”
From Oriental rugs and porcelain collectibles to vinyl record collections and antique stemware, the 10th Annual Super Scenic 72-Mile Garage Sale promises to be chock-full of more treasures than you can fit in your minivan. “Each year, we get several thousand attendees,” says Anderson. “Many of them travel in packs. You’ll see six or seven cars that caravan along A1A all day long. It’s pretty cool to watch.”
The 10th Annual Super Scenic 72-Mile Garage Sale will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, November 17 along Florida’s iconic Highway A1A from Ponte Vedra to Flagler Beach. For a list of participating locations, visit here or call 904-377-7813.