Take a Walk Through History in St. Augustine’s Historic Cathedral Basilica

Towering over the Plaza de la Constitución in St. Augustine is the historic Cathedral Basilica. This Spanish Colonial Renaissance cathedral in was built in 1797 and then reconstructed in the late 1880s. The cathedral symbolizes the nation’s oldest diocese. The cathedral’s new tour will take you on “A Walk Through History.”

The cathedral is dedicated to the city’s namesake, St. Augustine. The saint’s story is told through sculpture, murals and more. Stations of the Cross are uniquely presented in beautiful stained glass. Every inch of the cathedral is designed to incorporate symbolism, history and through construction materials that protect the historic building while showcasing the beauty of the architecture.

The tour will guide you to through the sacristy, the choir loft, confessional, baptistery, chapel, exterior gardens and more. This is the only tour that takes you behind the scenes to areas typically inaccessible to the general public. One peek behind the curtain takes you to a room where the cathedral’s history is detailed in copies of 16th century documents kept safely in an area along with current and former vestments. You’ll also see a relic from the saint beautifully ensconced alongside a gold bust of St. Augustine.

Tours operate Mondays through Thursdays at 3 p.m. and last approximately one and a half hours. Tickets are $10 adults and $8 children and seniors. Space is limited. Tickets can be purchased in the cathedral gift shop or by calling 904-829-0620.