Fall in Love with Chocolate in St. Augustine

Given that chocolate is one of life’s sweetest aphrodisiacs, visitors to St. Augustine will fall in love with the offerings from the cacao plant when they arrive on Florida’s Historic Coast.

Whether you are a fan of the sweet, a casual taster or a chocolate connoisseur, visitors to St. Augustine will find a wide variety of chocolate shops and confectionary stores that will easily fill that craving. Florida’s Historic Coast is rife with some of the best chocolate selections in the United States.

Consider a tour of sweet treats as part of your itinerary.

Whetstone Chocolates are crafted in the heart of St. Augustine, the nation’s oldest city, with locations on St. George Street, on Anastasia Island, and on King Street.  Whetstone offers something extra special for chocolate lovers, a tour of the factory, which lasts about 45 minutes.
The Whetstone tour is an exploration and education in the finer points of chocolate and much more. The Whetstone chocolatiers guide visitors in which wine or liqueur are best with the appropriate chocolate. And don’t forget the coffee and chocolate marriage, which Whetstone experts share during their condensed chocolate college course. As Whetstone boasts, they are interested in taking confections and deserts to “the next level.”

Equally as serious about their syrupy selections is Claude’s Chocolate with locations in St. Augustine on Granada Ave., and in the northern end of Florida’s Historic Coast on Hilden Road in Ponte Vedra Beach. Claude’s is all about high-end chocolate that involve specialty packages and custom selections for events such as weddings.

Beyond the simple chocolate pieces, Claude’s branches out into bonbons, truffles, hot chocolate and elaborate boxes of chocolate. And if you like the taste of the chocolates at the store, Claude’s is willing to take it further with multiple selections of baking chocolates and chips for your home.

If Whetstone and Claude’s sound kind of austere, well, they are. But if you’re looking for maybe a little more folksy, downhome chocolate shop, there’s an ample supply on Florida’s Historic Coast.

Savannah Sweets, also on St. George Street, is a celebration of the Southern sweet tooth. The confections are not the kind you’ll find at a super market counter. This shop has some of the best chocolate fudge and the chocolate-covered pecans will never let you forget the South.

Kilwins is yet another chocolatier on St. George Street, which serves chocolate in a variety of ways such as their popular chocolate-covered apples.

Those are just a few of the shops with hand crafted artisan confections, but there’s a plethora of additional shops that serve up something for the sweet tooth of any visitor to Florida’s Historic Coast.