Quick Tips for Welcoming Visitors Post COVID-19

Here are some ideas you can implement now to prepare for visitors.

  • Expect travelers to be extra cautious and focused on safety and hygiene. Now is the perfect opportunity to post your cleaning and disinfection policy and practices on your website. It can be as simple as a list of actions you normally take in the course of cleaning or new practices you’ve implemented to assure guests they can travel safely. Perhaps you’ve designated a Chief of Safety Practices to oversee your efforts.
  • Travelers will be looking for deals and discounts. Start thinking about opportunities to capture visitors with special offers or amenities. Are there early-bird offers for those who book sooner for visits later this year or in early 2021?
  • Visitors will be bombarded with competitive offers from destinations far and wide. This is an opportunity to stand out with unique packages that offer them something more, perhaps a unique experience they cannot get anywhere else. This is a time to think outside the box. Can you partner with another business and bundle a special experience for couples who canceled weddings/anniversaries, for families on a budget, for stressed-out folks in need of self-care and health/wellness activities?
  • People have become more supportive and engaged with businesses that are purpose-driven and socially conscious. If your business is currently active in supporting first-responders or those in the medical field, this would be a good time to share what you’ve done or are doing on your website.