Fishing in St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra Beach

You know Florida is the fishing capital of the world. But did you know Florida’s Historic Coast is the king of kingfish?

Saltwater Fishing

Florida's Historic Coast boasts 42 miles of white sand beaches and inlets as well as inshore backwaters teeming with fish. And thanks to a favorable, year-round climate, it’s always fishing season here. No wonder anglers from around the world visit our shores to cast their luck and lures into our pristine waters.

Whether you’re fishing from a beach, a pier, or an offshore boat, there are a variety of places to choose from where you will have easy access to flounder, trout, redfish or game fish like tarpon, kings and sailfish.

Want to catch more than fish? As a saltwater angler, you might be interested in the Catch a Florida Memory program offered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. This Saltwater Angler Recognition program was designed to enhance the fishing experience for Florida anglers by providing rewards and recognition for fishing achievements, connecting people with our vast saltwater resources, engaging youth and strengthening marine fisheries conservation ethics.

Freshwater Fishing

With the scenic St. Johns River, its streams and tributaries providing an abundant variety of fish species, Florida’s Historic Coast has become well known for its bass fishing. Yet there’s more than bass out there for the adventurous angler, from bluegill to crappie.

There are a variety of charters and guides who know these waters like the backs of their hands and can point you in the right direction along the shoreline and its numerous nooks and “honey holes” where lunkers might be lurking.

With so many options and locations to fish in St. Johns County, your toughest decision will be where you want to drop your line.

And as a freshwater angler, you have the opportunity to not only indulge in your passion, but also become one of more than 27,000 citizen-scientists helping to collect important information on the bass population in our waters. Through the Trophy Catch program offered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, anglers who catch, document and release largemouth bass weighing more than 8 pounds are rewarded with prizes and pride in knowing they are helping preserve the sport they love.