Sensory-Friendly Screening of Pandas 2D at IMAX Theater at World Golf Hall of Fame

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October 6, 2018
One World Golf Place
St. Augustine, FL 32092

What You Need To Know

Join the IMAX Theater at World Golf Hall of Fame for a sensory-friendly screening of Pandas 2D at 10 a.m. Sensory-friendly movies are geared toward families and individuals with special needs, young children or anyone for whom the sensory-sensitive environment is suitable. This would make a great first movie experience. All are welcome at sensory-friendly screenings. Special accommodations for screening will include, decreased volume of movie, dimmed lighting on during movie, guest freedom to stand, walk and move around, talk, hum, sing, clap, etc. Visit the website for more information.   


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SaturdayOctober 6, 2018