LOCATION: Ancient City Tours

Self-Guided St. Augustine's Secrets Historical Scavenger Hunt

5561 ED95 A10 C 471 F B295 502 ADBE29 BFA
  • 12 St. George Street
  • St. Augustine, FL 33084
  • Contact: Ancient City Tours
  • Phone: 904-827-0807
  • Admission: 25.00 for a family (max 2 adults plus children)
June 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022

This scavenger hunt will guide you to secret sights in St. Augustine that millions of people never knew about or looked for. Did you know that Castillo de San Marcos had another door to the outside? Can you find it? What about a man who at one time was very rich and built a fine home, but died penniless and living with his sister. Can you find the home he lost when the mortgage was foreclosed on?

Each Packet is for 2 Adults and their children. 1 prize awarded per packet. Purchase additional packets so you can compete with others in your group for even more fun!

Pick up your packet which contains 15 different quests. Then read the puzzles and clues trying to figure out where each one of them is located.

Walk there and follow the instructions. need help, that is available as well - just call the office. You will be discovering the real secrets of St. Augustine and when you are done, you will not only receive a unique prize, but you will have the true history and timeline of the Nations's Oldest City.

All locations are accessible without having to purchase additional tickets.