The Casual Warrior

image, The Casual Warrior
  • 162 St. George Street, Unit 29
  • St. Augustine, Florida 32084
  • Local Phone: 904.315.9015

The Casual Warrior's Kimono-ya was started in 2013 to share the beauty of kimono with the world. Though the kimono is a quintessentially Japanese garment, such beauty and craftsmanship shouldn't be limited to just one culture. There is no reason that this iconic garment can't be enjoyed by people around the world. Kimono culture embraces anyone with an interest in culture, textiles, fashion, history and artwork. Delving deeper into the culture of Japan, they discovered that the practitioners of the traditional arts and time-honored professions all wore kimono and began to realize it's importance to the heart of Japanese traditional culture. Upon further investigation, they learned that that world of kimono was multi-faceted and fell in love with all of it's aspects: Seasonality and classical motifs, formality, the craftsmanship involved in the creation of each garment, those who wore them and those who made them.