LOCATION: St. Augustine

Photography By Jackie Hird

image, Photography By Jackie Hird
  • Local Phone: 904-553-8614

Jackie's knowledge of the tourism industry, her connections and her patient manner make her an ideal person to support the tourism community. Jackie has extensive experience in the tourism industry through her photography events, business contacts and greeting visitors. She has a wealth of knowledge about St Augustine's history and fun things to do during your stay. Her networking activities connect her with a plethora of businesses in St Augustine. If she doesn't know something she can quickly find someone who can help.

Jackie's technical knowledge helps her produce stunning images, as well as navigating the challenges of the digital world to deliver the final product to you in whatever format you desire. She is currently working on her 4th annual, self-published calendar, complete with beautiful images of St Augustine and a calendar of events that make you want to keep coming back.