Go Art Artist’s Studio Tours for THE PLAYERS

Ponte Vedra Beach
March 11, 2019 to March 18, 2019

For those looking to add a private tour to their TPC Week agenda Go Art provides private tours of artist’s studios. There is a world that remains closed to even the most intrepid member of the public—the studios of artists themselves. Join your guide to visit to an artist’s studio for an unparalleled look at cutting-edge contemporary art in progress. With the ability to chat with the artist and see recent creations in an intimate setting, you'll experience the contemporary art scene in a way few others can.

  • Artist Studio Tour led by a guide with both an MFA and VTS training
  • Meet the artists
  • Exclusive access to studios.
  • NE Florida boasts a strong artistic community and, nestled away in their studios, one can find emerging and internationally-established artists alike. This tour gives exclusive access to an ever-evolving, curated selection of artists' studios. It offers a chance to see how cutting-edge, contemporary artists produce their work, a chance to view their latest output, and a chance to meet today's artists in their most intimate surroundings.
  • For seasoned collectors and new enthusiasts alike, this one-hour tour will give an insight into the heart of this region. No two tours will ever be the same.
  • $25 per person. Online Booking only.