Hiking Guana WMA
Hiking Guana WMA

Hiking Guana Wildlife Management Area

The GTM Reserve and Guana Wildlife Management Area offer 22 miles of hiking trails through diverse ecosystems.

The trailhead for Guana River Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is conveniently located off S. Roscoe Blvd., off of Palm Valley Rd., in Nocatee.

After entering Guana River WMA gate, there’s a small parking lot with a trail/legend board. The Guana River WMA trail system is vastly differing from the GTM Research Reserve’s system in that it’s mostly tall pines and sandy soil. Once you cross over into the GTM Reserve’s trail system, you’ll hike through a mostly dense oak forest.

The trails are color-coded in the GTM Reserve; however, they are not blazed in Guana River WMA but they are easy to follow. It’s 11 miles one-way from the Guana River WMA to the GTM Research Reserve. Once you get to the Reserve, you’ll find restrooms and a covered pavilion area for a quick bite and rest before heading back.

Experience Guana Wildlife Management Area

Bring your binoculars! This area boasts two observation towers and 220 bird species have been recorded.

At a Glance Information for the Guana River Wildlife Management Area

Type of Trail: loop, 22 miles

Fees/Permits: Free

Difficulty: Easy

Bug Factor: Moderate, bring bug spray

Restrooms: at the entrance on South Roscoe Blvd. and at the GTM Research Reserve Trailhead

Open: Daily from 8 AM to sunset

Sustainable PVB Guest

As you explore remember to be a Sustainable PVB Guest by keeping these recommendations in mind.

Tips on How to be a Sustainable Ponte Vedra Beach Guest

  • Stay on track. Staying on designated trails to prevent trampling on sensitive plants and animals.
  • Keep it natural. By packing out what you bring in you’ll help keep the “natural” in our “natural areas.”
  • Share the trail. Keep your eyes open for other hikers, cyclists and horseback riders.
  • Stay chemical free. Stick to sunscreens that are free of oxybenzone and octinoxate, two of the most common ingredients found in chemical formulas.