Birding Bird Island Park
Birding Bird Island Park

Birding Bird Island Park

Bird Island Park is a relatively small, passive park that replicates a variety of habitats including freshwater marsh, upland hammock, coastal dune, and bird rookery.

Bird Island Park features a gazebo for relaxing with a winding trail that leads visitors past water features and through a native hammock. Educational signage and interactive art sculptures are scattered throughout the park.

Wildlife sightings include Egrets, Anhinga, Ibis, ducks, and turtles as well as Warblers, Cardinals, Waxwings, Thrushes and many other hammock species. Because of the variety of habitats, Bird Island is a well-known hot spot to see a variety of species.

Experience Bird Island Park

Mosaics that depict Northeast Florida's wildlife are featured throughout the park.

At a Glance Information for Birding Bird Island Park

Fees/Permits: Free

Points of Interest: the boardwalk that surrounds a second gazebo offers viewings of wading birds, the native plantings are great for native butterflies

Difficulty: Easy

at the public library during open hours, stores and restaurants are nearby

Open: Daily from dawn to dusk

Photo: Jean Hull

Be a Sustainable PVB Guest!

Limit your impact to the surrounding areas by being a “Sustainable Ponte Vedra Beach Guest” – keep these recommendations in mind.

Tips on How to be a Sustainable Ponte Vedra Beach Guest

  • Stay on track. Staying on designated trails to trampling on sensitive plants and animals.
  • Keep it natural. By packing out what you bring in you’ll help keep the “natural” in our “natural areas.”
  • Don’t feed wildlife. Feeding birds and other wildlife conditions them to handouts and eventually they will lose their fear of people and/or vehicles.

Support regional and local environmental organizations such as St. Johns Riverkeeper or Keepers of the Coast.