The stunning 42-mile oceanfront playground of St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra gives beachgoers plenty to enjoy year ‘round. Relax in the sun, taking in the scent of salt water and the gentle ocean breeze. Fish, go shelling or hit the waves to swi...Read more

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Walking along the beach
Red Couch Chronicles:  Three Words - Un-ob-structed

Red Couch Chronicles: Three Words - Un-ob-structed

As this gentleman explains, the views on our beaches are real -- and they are spectacular! In fact, he says they can best be summed up in three words -- un, ob, structed. You're beautiful babe! Sun, surf and sand -- three other words that describe the beaches of Florida's Historic Coast where our history is not the same old story.

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When a singer-songwriter daughter of mine some years ago wanted to leave a big city for a smaller one, I right away proposed St. Augustine. Magda, who had played the city before, thought it might excite her creativity. St. Augustine is nothing if not magical.
Emerging from our car, weary after a long drive, I noticed the sharp, salty smell of the Atlantic Ocean and the steady rumble of waves just yards away. My husband, Nate, and I entered Our Beach House, a cozy two-story bungalow on St. Augustine Beach, complete with a spiral staircase and sundeck. We immediately lit a fire and snuggled on the plush couch, clinking glasses of San Sebastian Castillo Red, a local wine that had been left for us on the kitchen table.
For families looking for a vacation destination to please all ages, the area in and around St. Augustine on Florida’s Historic Coast is an ideal fit. 
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