St. Augustine Swashbucklers

504 Sevilla Dr
St. Augustine, FL 32086
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What You Need To Know

The St Augustine Swashbuckler found its start in 2001by noted Pirate Historian, Joe Osteen. The Crew of 90 plus members is a group of likeminded individuals whose purpose is Charitable Work, Community Involvement and at times Pirate Entertainment, and for 15 years have maintained a strong history and purpose. Our continuing adventures will be an example of our character, our unity and the loyalty within the crew. We will maintain with great respect our home port of St Augustine Fla. and will provide, when requested, support for civic, charitable and community work to this city and beyond. We are open to all who would join us and agree to our code. We are open to any that would have need of our services for their causes and events. We are ready, willing and able to provide entertainment on all levels to support any Charity, Civic, Corporate or Festival events. Even under the auspices of an LLC, the St Augustine Swashbucklers LLC will post any and all profits to the purpose of those cha


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